Running the Berlin Marathon for Fishing for Forces

Mike Trundley in his FFF running gear

Mike Trundley in his FFF running gear

On 28th September, Mike Trundley will be running the Berlin Marathon to raise money for Fishing for Forces.

I am a 55 year old teacher with some 33 years school experience. I have spent the majority of my professional life working in Special Schools and am now Head of School at Northgate School Arts College, Northampton.

I first ran a marathon in 1984 and after completing my second event in London in 1985 I ‘retired’ from the sport. I was persuaded to restart my running career in 2009 as a 50 year old. Since then I have completed New York (2009), Venice (2010), Edinburgh (2011), Paris (2012), Barcelona (2013) and Loch Ness (2013). I have managed to finish all the runs in under 4 hours and am currently on the threshold to qualify to run in Boston as an ‘elite’ runner in my age group. For this I need to be under 3 hours 40 minutes – in Loch Ness I ran 3 hours 40 minutes 12 seconds! This is my running target for 2014. My longer term target is to complete all 6 major city runs. Assuming I do Berlin in September I need to qualify for Boston and then get into Chicago and Tokyo.

In addition to this I play a bit of golf, enjoy hill walking and have a season ticket at West Ham!

It’s people like Mike who make Fishing for Forces what it is and we’re extremely grateful to him for his efforts. If you’re able to sponsor Mike, please do so by visiting his Virgin Money Giving page at:


One Response to Running the Berlin Marathon for Fishing for Forces

  1. Sam Clark 17 September 2014 at 2:11 pm #

    Well done Mike for supporting this woderful organization. My girls and I wish you all the best.