Fidelity International Worldwide Fly Fishing Competition on 2nd July

Fidelity International Worldwide, under the guidance of Vicky Haxton and Mick Heasman, are for the second year running holding an inter office fly fishing competition to raise funds for FFF at Chalybeate Springs fishery.

Last year was a tremendous success with loads of ribald competitive banter and abuse and several attempted sword fights with 10ft fly rods. I had to referee with the aid of the Tunbridge Wells Fly fishers which is not easy when you are rolling around laughing at the antics of normally polite personnel from the financial industry, who were aiming flies into the blue and still catching fish. As I explained to one young lady that she would not beat her opponent in to submission with a light carbon fly rod, and this baseball bat would do the job, she promptly whacked me with it for suggesting she hurt her friend. Work that one out? It was a great day, made so by the participants for their fervour to win the glass tankards so coveted by all, and raising lots of money to boot.

Fidelity in their generosity will once more match every £ raised so please help us by donating on you will be enhancing the days at the waterside for our lads and lasses from HMAF.

My sincere thanks

Bill Howell (Founder)

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