23rd June 2018 – Fidelity Fundraising Day: A huge success

Fidelity International annual fly fishing fundraiser a huge success

Fidelity International Annual Fly Fishing Fundraiser

On Saturday 23rd June, two intrepid teams from Fidelity International converged on Chalybeate Springs Trout Fishery to compete in a yearly fly fishing fundraiser organised and paid for by the corporate citizenship teams for Fishing for Forces.

An eagerly awaited yearly event, there was lots of friendly banter in the run-up. Would Fidelity’s Kent office retain the trophy this year? Or could the Kingswood team, with their strong angling experience take the trophy back home after the loss of last year?

After a hearty breakfast and welcome by the Tunbridge Wells Fly Fishing Society, the anglers eagerly moved on to their starting swim lanes with their mentors, to try and bring their respective teams to victory as well as the chance to get an individual award for the biggest fish, or biggest bag.

The more experienced anglers knew it would be hard going due to the hot weather and lack of cloud cover; however both teams still managed to catch fish before stopping for a barbecue lunch, with Kingswood trailing by 7 fish to 4.

By lunchtime, Stacey (the hustler) Belton had caught 3 of the 7 fish for the Kent office including an impressive 3lb catch!

Each fish caught in the afternoon was accompanied by shouts of ‘Who caught it?’, ‘Is it Kingswood or Kent?’ Cheers turned to groans from Kent anglers as one of the team caught a roach – a rival to a Kingswood anglers tiddler of last year, so this wasn’t counted. Lots of anglers lost fish from the hook as they were about to net them, and with tension mounting, both teams having lost count, it would all go down to the final weigh-in and announcement.

After a prolonged silence, Mick Heasman from Tunbridge Wells Fly Fishing Society and Bill Howell announced ……. BOTH teams bagged 10 fish each!! It all came down to weight!! Come on, come on! Don’t keep us in suspense……….. and the winning team, with a difference of 1.1lb – KENT!! The winners were presented with their trophies by Russell Bell, Chairman of Tunbridge Wells Fly Fishing Society and Bill Howell, Founder of Fishing For Forces.

Biggest Bag
Stacey Belton

Biggest Fish
Guy Jewsbury

Congratulations to everyone who took part and also to everyone who has donated so far. To date, Fidelity has raised a fantastic £1,976 which they hope to double with company grant matching!

All at FFF are extremely grateful for the Sterling support from Fidelity and TWFF and we look forward to next year.

Bill Howell

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