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Bill shows a soldier how to fishIf you are able to donate a day’s fishing at your venue, please get in touch.

We will be grateful for any offers and so far we have received an eclectic and geographically wide range of offerings from fishing donors, varying from 10 people for a day on a trout lake to fishing syndicate members who just want to take one serviceman under their wing on their own beat for a day. Others have offered salmon fishing and coarse fishing.

Some offers are date-specific; in other words, a set date or dates in the year. Others are more open-ended and are ‘by mutual arrangement’.

There will be some fisheries that can cater for wheelchairs and the disabled, but many that cannot. Some donors will be able to cater for novice fishers and perhaps supply tackle for the day – other offers will be more suited to people with some experience.

You can get in touch using the form at the bottom of this page or by contacting Bill Howell on:

Tel: 0207 385 2135
Email: bill[at]

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