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6th October 2017 – Leckford Lakes, Hampshire

Date: Friday 6th October 2017
Location: Leckford Lakes, Hampshire

John Lewis Partnership will be hosting 18 guests from mixed units for their annual event at Leckford Lakes, Hampshire on October 6th.

Club members will mentor on the day.

Please note: As requested by the MOD No Alcohol will be permitted at any FFF event

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4th October 2017 – Manningford Fishery, Pewsey

Date: Wednesday 4th October 2017
Location: Manningford Trout Fishery, Pewsey, Wiltshire

Fifteen Guests from HQLF will be joining Fishing For Forces at Manningford Trout Fishery near Pewsey on October 4th.

MENTORS required please.

Mentors kindly note the postcode SN9 6JZ.

Manningford Trout Fishery
Manningford Bohune

Please note: As requested by the MOD No Alcohol will be permitted at any FFF event

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September 14th Chalybeate Trout Fishery

Members of HMAF will be hosted and mentored by TWFFS club members at the 2nd event this year generously partially sponsored by Fifdelity International worldwide. TWFFS in conjuction with FIW have kindly hosted two events a year and have done so for the past three years.

My sincere thanks to both groups for your all support it is truly appreciated.


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July 8th – Chalybeate Trout Fishery

Venue Chalybeate Trout Fishery. Hosts TWFFS. Again this year thanks to the generosity of Fidelity International Worldwide they are holding an interoffice (3 at present) fundraising competition for FFF with FIW matching every pound that is raised which is fantastic. Tunbridge Wells FFFS members will mentor the day and if it remotely like last year will be a resounding success with a laugh a minute and merciless banter galore.

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June 6th – Manningford Trout Fishery

The event was a roaring success sponsored by Imtech Engineering Svs with the mentoring being done by angling clients of Imtech who did a superb job ably assisted by a few FFF mentors.

The guests were from the RAF 28 Sqdn with a few military personnel for a competitive mix. Biggest fish went to Mr Robinson (Mil) at 3lb 8ozs and Biggest bag to Mr Walker (RAF).

After a wet and windy the day died beautifully and judging by the smiles mission accomplished. Pint Tankards were presented to the winners by Simon Robson and most generously half pint tankards to the mentors.

Mr Walker (RAF) then kindly presented Mr Robson and I with beautiful framed prints signed by all the RAF lads and mine is already on my Wall of Pride. I feel privileged and “mission accomplished”.


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May 15th Manningford – Tremendous day of fishing

A tremendous day kindly for a great crowd from Army Trg Br with everyone catching fish. Biggest bag to Lt Col MacMulen of 15.8lbs and biggest fish, a stonking 5.8lbs rainbow to Lt Col Martin.

The mentors surpassed themselves again with Mike Edwards doing photography and Mick Pegg (Mr Scales) on weigh in. The mentors have to be congratulated for catching the group up in a competitive manner and there was a lot of banter even during the rain.

Well done all and thank you Imtech Technical Svs for sterling support.

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April 25th A great day at Manningford

Again a successful day for FFF as the smiles say it all. A great group from HQLF with lovely old friends appearing much to my delight. Biggest bag went to Matt Patterson and biggest fish to Mike O’neill a nice 4lb 8oz fish that put up a helluva fight.

Manningford fishery chef Gaydon did them proud and they all finished the day with fish and slightly bloated from food. Mentors did them proud and everyone took at least one fish home so mission accomplished, once more thanks to them.

Pic 4 Paul Dalgleish a staunch supporter and mentor complaining of the size of the one he lost and my face obviously expresses sadness whilst thinking “do I really give a xxx” having lost a good one whilst he bent my ear.

A great day for all.

Bill Howell (Founder)

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April 20th – Chalybeate

Once again Tunbridge Wells Flyfishers Association hosted a group from HCMR and QOGLR for a superb day of fishing at this pristine fishery. A great day had by all with copious food for brekkie, lunch and tea and cake to finish.

Biggest bag won by Jamie Bradbury (HCMR and biggest fish by Adam Cooper (HCMR) so the Ghurkas have some catching up at the next event. The banter was superb and very few did not catch apart from the flak from confederates on the way home, but I am sure all departed very happy.

A superb job by the club who mentored as well and Jim the fishery owner for the stock and quality of fish. A privilege to be part of these events.

Bill Howell (Founder)

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The London Fly Fishing Fair 2017 March 10th/11th

Come and see us, Fishing For Forces, at the best fishing show to hit London. The London Fly Fishing Fair, 2017!

To be held 10/11 March 2017

There will be a full casting pool, fly tying area and many activities for everyone to get involved in our wonderful sport.


“We are pleased to present the first edition of The London Fly Fishing Fair located in the heart of central London at the Business Design Centre, Islington on the 10/11 of March 2017. The fair will include all aspects of the fly fishing world as well as lifestyle aspects for the family.

If you are interested in fly fishing and want to know how to get involved in the sport, please come along to find out more.

From a beginner to an expert this is the place to find out more about fly fishing and how to improve your techniques, arrange trips and get the gear you need to get you on those fish.”


More details and tickets from the London Fly Fishing Fair website,

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April 25th Manningford Trout Fishery

Fishing For Forces will be hosting a day at the water for 15 Guests from mixed regiments at Manningford Trout Fishery, Wiltshire.           

April 25th 2017

MENTORS REQUIRED PLEASE. If you can help out, or to find out more, get in touch.

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