A special day at Leckford Lakes

A very special day of fishing, organised by Neil Mundy and members of John Lewis Partnership Fly Fishing Club, supported on the catering by the keepers Andy, Rob and team. With the weather wet and very windy the guests were not going to be deterred in the least and a number of fair sized fish were caught and a number of larger fish managed to get away.

A special guest was Lcpl Kiran Gurung (10QOGLR) who was in a wheelchair due to injuries sustained in Afghan and he stunned everyone by mastering the art of casting under the guidance of Steve Robinson (JLP). Very quickly he was laying out a beautiful 20 yd line 4 times out of 5. I thought I had the biggest fish in the bag at 6.4lbs when he topped me by 2ozs and took the John Lewis Partnership Cup with the Biggest Bag. I promptly let his tyres down.

Biggest Fish was taken by WO2 Frost of Cadet Training Team and runner up was Ssgt Malla (10QOGLR). Smallest Fish was taken by Sqdn Ldr Hyndman, who said he could not be prouder of his tankard. The day was full of banter and camaraderie, and Neil Mundy and I were most pleasantly surprised when, having handed out nice prizes, we were presented with a plaque each from the Cadet Training Team. That brought a perfect end to a wet and windy day but their smiles say it all.

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