Serving those who have served and those still serving

We gently close 2016 having successfully held twenty three group fishing days and several individual days for five hundred plus members (guests) of all branches of our armed services. Thanks to donations, sponsorship and the mentors this is nearly double our previous efforts and gives me an incredible sense of pride that something so simple can bring so much to those who have suffered and will continue to do so as a result of many conflicts over the years defending our right and others around the world to live in peace.

I am merely the orchestra leader and the credit must go to the huge orchestra of mentors who give their time to pass on their skills, the fundraisers who work tirelessly to ensure we can continue to hold events around the country reaching as many as possible, the sponsors funding particular days, the clubs holding days in the name of Fishing For Forces, our patrons for their sterling support and especially members of the public with donations of tackle and funds. You know who you are, so as I am not there, pat yourself on the back please.

I have many letters and emails of thanks after the events from our guests with warm and sincere words, each adding to the feeling of a job well done. Many more of our guests are sending stories and pictures this year, as they have taken up angling as their main leisure pursuit, so my balloon of pride is swelling. With your invaluable support I will continue to organise these events and if you are able to join us you will see for yourselves how much good you are doing.

Angling in all it’s forms is now recognised by the medical profession as a very important form of therapy in the healing process for those who have suffered wound’s both physical and psychological. Many who for a variety of reasons regrettably cannot participate in contact sports are turning to angling as an easy leisure activity with a superb healing ingredient. We must never forget that those who serve and have served over many years to ensure our safety did not necessarily sign up to return from conflict needing our help but we and you have shown by supporting FFF we are here when needed.

Having read this if you feel you are able to do just a little more by donating funds large or small or unused but usable tackle, a days fishing, passing on your angling skills by mentoring or coaxing your company to sponsor a day at the waterside then I would love to hear from you. Due to popularity we are already booking events to be published soon on our website as the requests are constantly coming in so we genuinely need your support.

May I sincerely wish all you wish for yourself in 2017 and beyond.

Bill Howell (Founder, tea boy, dogsbody etc)

2017 will be fantastic… check out our events page.

Fishing for Forces is a Non-Profit Organisation with the view that anyone who has been affected by Operational Duties could do with a touch of peace and quiet and would benefit from the healing effect of spending a day by the water.

Our aim is to provide fishing for those returning from Operational Tours.  The therapeutic qualities of fishing is such that anyone can benefit from the rest and relaxation of the sport, even if they’ve never fished before. We can cater for veterans from all conflicts (Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan, all the way back to WWII).

This also provides, in a modest way, a means by which those of us not in the Services can show our appreciation of what they sacrifice for us.

They watch whilst we sleep, they enter conflict to keep our peace. Will you volunteer to give them a little in return?

Serenity is a day on the water