Serving those who have served and those still serving

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Especially at this time I wish to extend my sincere thanks to all our Patrons, Mentors, Donators and Friends of Fishing For Forces for making 2017 another special year in the history of FFF.

Once again, with your superb generosity throughout 2017 measured against 2016 we have exceeded the number of Guests (members of HMAF) we have taken to the waterside with superb and surprising results.

Many guests have now taken up fishing as their leisure pursuit and have returned for more FFF fishing days which is always a good sign that we have the right recipe for a therapeutic day at the waterside.

Much of the credit must go to the Mentors for giving up their precious personal fishing days to pass on their fishing skills to our guests which involves a great deal of patience and communication skills and often makes new and lasting friendships.

The success of a day is written all over the faces of our guests at days end and the question is always asked by guests “when is the next one” which tells us we have the correct formula.

Your support is invaluable and I thank you for making FFF a favoured charity today and hopefully we will have your support in the future.

May I also at this time wish you and all those who share your world the very best of the festive season and may all your hopes and wishes for 2018 bear fruit in the nicest possible way.

My very best thoughts and have a peaceful Xmas.

Bill Howell (Founder)

PS Let us not forget they keep us as safe as possible whilst we go about our daily lives in sadly troubled times and they watch whilst we sleep.

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Fishing for Forces is a Non-Profit Organisation with the view that anyone who has been affected by Operational Duties could do with a touch of peace and quiet and would benefit from the healing effect of spending a day by the water.

Our aim is to provide fishing for those returning from Operational Tours.  The therapeutic qualities of fishing is such that anyone can benefit from the rest and relaxation of the sport, even if they’ve never fished before. We can cater for veterans from all conflicts (Falklands, Iraq, Afghanistan, all the way back to WWII).

This also provides, in a modest way, a means by which those of us not in the Services can show our appreciation of what they sacrifice for us.

They watch whilst we sleep, they enter conflict to keep our peace. Will you volunteer to give them a little in return?

Serenity is a day on the water